Zucchini Spice Muffins

Are you the type of person who handles stress well? I usually hold it all together pretty well, and then on occassion I don't and it usually takes something silly to make me realize that I need to relax a bit. I have been under a decent amount of stress lately and I thought that I was doing well; still packing healthy lunches, going to yoga 3 to 4 times a week, making sure that I was touching base with friends and family. Good right? Ya, I thought so too. Then one morning on my way to work I had a meltdown in the elevator (in front of strangers), not for any good reason, just because my work tote bag wouldn't close. It's funny how stress manifests and we come to realize that maybe we aren't as okay as we thought. When we do come to terms with that fact that we are a big ball of stress, it can be really hard to relax. Personally when I need to manage stress I will increase how many times a week I do yoga, or I'll go for a massage or get a pedicure, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes you need comfort food as well. If you are like me, comfort means carbs, and lots of them!

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I find that there is a fine line between eating just enough comfort food to be satisfied and eating too much. It's so easy for me to start a cookie (or three) a day habit. When you live and work in a big city there are coffee shops and cafes every block, and they all have delicious carbs on offer. A walk to reduce stress can easily end up being a cookie/danish/muffin walk. The walk gives you a reason to leave your desk, the treat makes you happy for a little while and it tastes amazing. However, not only can these treats add up in terms of cost, they are also (more often than not) pretty unhealthy. That's where this week's recipe comes in, zucchini spice muffins.

These muffins are satisfying when you need a mid-morning snack and an apple just won't do the trick. Most muffin recipes use butter or vegetable oil as a fat, these ones use a healthier mix of coconut oil and avocado. The spices give these a punch of flavor, you would never guess that there are vegetables hiding in them! To reduce calories you could use an artificial sweetener in place of the white sugar. If you wanted to make these healthier and less of a treat you could use half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour, I didn't happen to have any on hand this week. These freeze really well just in case you want to make a double batch to have treats on hand for carb needing emergencies. 


Zucchini Spice Muffins

0.5 Cup Brown Sugar

0.5 Cup White Sugar

0.5 Hass Avocado 

0.25 Cup Coconut Oil

2 Eggs

1 TSP Vanilla

1.5 Cups All Purpose Flour

0.5 TSP Cinnamon

0.5 TSP Cardamom

0.25 TSP Allspice

0.5 TSP Baking Powder

0.5 TSP Baking Soda

0.5 TSP Salt

1 Cup Zucchini, Grated


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix together sugars

Using a mixer or egg beaters blend in oil and avocado, continue until mixture is totally smooth

Add in eggs, vanilla and zucchini

In a separate bowl blend together all the remaining dry ingredients

Mix dry into the wet, stirring until just incorporated 

Spoon batter into prepared muffin tins

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until done

Best enjoyed warm