Hello again. I'm sorry that I didn't get a post out last week, I have been crazy sick with this horrible bronchial virus. There has been no real cooking going on in my house for over a week. How have you been? Have you caught a cold or the flu yet? I am one of those unlucky people who seems to get sick several times a winter. I am very envious of those of you who somehow manage to make it through the chilly weather unscathed. 

Given that the road to recovery has been slower than I had hoped, I have been leaning towards easy to make meals. At the end of the day I don't have very much energy to make complicated meals that require a lot of effort. I am only now starting to actually get back into my kitchen and do something beyond making grilled cheese sandwiches or heating up soup. I tend to get tired of soup really quickly, so lately I have been on a mission to cook anything but soup! Luckily I always have soba in my cupboard, which is easy to make and healthy.  

If you haven't had soba yet you are missing out. Soba is a type of Japanese noodle made out of buckwheat. They are roughly the thickness of spaghetti and can be served hot or cold. They don't have an overly powerful taste, which is surprising as soba noodles are quite dark in color. You can find soba at most health food stores, Asian markets, bulk stores or even well stocked grocery stores. 

Simple Soba

Simple Soba

Soba noodles can actually be used instead of regular pasta if you are trying to avoid wheat. However, use caution if you are on a gluten free diet as other flours may be added to the buckwheat. The noodles lend themselves well to creamy peanut or sesame sauces, although vinaigrette dressings work very well for chilled dishes.  Here are three recipes that I recommend that you try out: