Potato & Leek Soup

There is something quite soothing and addictive about cleaning out one's home. Not normal cleaning, I don't like doing that, actually full on purging where bags of items get sold or donated. Throughout adulthood I have been good about cleaning out my wardrobe but these days I want to clean out everything! I look around my house and it just seems to be so cluttered. I feel like I have a lot of things that I don't actually need or use.

Maybe it's the pace of everyday city life, or the fact that I am always in front of a screen that is doing something, but these days I am striving for a simpler life. This goes for everything from my home to my morning beauty routine. Have you ever gotten to that place where you just want to pare down on everything? It's not that my life is all the complicated, it really isn't. I think that it has more to do with wanting to make space and time; streamlining things. This trend has effected my cooking as well because this week's recipe is as simple as it comes, potato and leek soup.

I love this soup, it really is one of the classics. If you go to a fancy French restaurant this soup will be listed on the menu as vichyssoise. When I went to culinary school it was one of the first soups we learned to make. It also was on the menu of every restaurant I worked at in Scotland. It's easy to make, and easy to serve. I love this with crusty bread for lunch on a chilly, damp day. It makes a great packed lunch for work, and is classy enough to serve to guests. The amazing thing is that is also cheap to make. This recipe is a good one to add to your repertoire. As lovely as this soup is, the flavor is very subtle. This isn't a dish to make if you are craving something spicy or bold.    

A simple picture for a simple soup.

A simple picture for a simple soup.

As always there are a bunch of changes that you can make to this recipe. You can use vegetable stock instead of turkey stock to make this vegetarian. I have used milk, but you can use cream if you are feeling luxurious.  You can switch up the herbs based on what you have in the cupboard. I haven't tried it yet, but I think that adding a bit of curry powder to this would be delicious. If you give it a go, please let me know how it turns out!


Potato & Leek Soup

2.5-3 Lbs Potatoes, peeled and diced

3 Medium Leeks, White Parts Only, Washed and Sliced

3 Stalks Celery, Washed and Diced

1 Large Onion, Diced

9 Cups Low Sodium Turkey/Chicken Stock

0.5 Cup 2% Milk

2 TBSP Butter

1 TSP Chopped Garlic

1 TSP Salt

0.25 TSP Pepper

1 TBSP Dried Parsley

1 TSP Ground Fennel

1 TSP Italian Seasoning


Melt butter in a large pot

Saute onions, leeks, celery and garlic

Add in stock and potatoes

Bring to a boil and turn down to simmer

Cook for 20-30 minutes, until potatoes are tender

Turn off heat; add herbs, seasonings and milk

Blend with an immersion blender

Taste and re-season if necessary. 

If the soup is too thick add a little more milk