Mock Ice Cream

I love summer but it brings about one major issue for me. My complication is a first world problem for sure; I worry about my waistline in my summer clothes but I also want to eat (lots) of ice cream. In the winter I can hide in my baggy sweaters and I am happy with healthy veggie soups and stews, but once summer hits my sundresses get brought out and I have ice cream on my brain. I always try to be cognizant of what I eat. For the most part I reduce the fats and sugars in my baking, choose salads over fries as side dishes when I eat out, and limit artificial sweeteners. Most of the year this isn’t that much of a challenge; Christmas is tough naturally, and there is summer… I am happy eating fruit and yogurt for breakfast and salads for lunches, but I just can’t kick my ice cream habit. I have taken nutrition classes and I have made ice cream from scratch, I know it’s full of fat and sugar, but that is what makes it so good!!

This week’s recipe is my take on mock ice cream. Why do I call it mock? Well because there is no cream in it, actually no dairy at all. This frozen treat is prefect for summer; the actual work involved is next to none, you don’t have to turn on your oven and you don’t need an ice cream maker. What you do need for this is a food processor or high powered blender. I try to keep my recipes as low tech as possible but I really felt the need to share this one with you. I would be a selfish person if I didn’t share guilt free ice cream!

The base of this frozen dessert is made wholly out of frozen bananas. The honey has two purposes; the first is to sweeten the “ice cream” and the second is to make it scoopable directly from the freezer. If you try to substitute the honey with sugar you will end up with a chocolaty, frozen brick of banana. Trust me on this one! I have used unsweetened cocoa powder to flavor the dish, this also makes it taste less like banana (and therefore more like a treat and less like something healthy).  If you aren’t a fan of chocolate, you could use peanut butter instead of the cocoa powder. Just make sure to reduce it to one tablespoon per banana otherwise the flavor will be over powering. If you decide to play around with flavors keep one thing in mind, your “ice cream” will always have a hint of banana flavor to it, so make sure that the flavors you add are complimentary to this.

Guilt free midnight snacks for me!!

Guilt free midnight snacks for me!!


Mock Ice Cream

Makes 4 portions

0.64 per portion


4 Bananas

6 TBSP Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

4 TBSP Honey


Peel bananas and slice into one inch pieces.

Place pieces on a baking tray in a single layer and freeze until solid. This will take several hours, I like to leave mine overnight but this isn’t necessary.

Place banana pieces in a food processor and using the multipurpose blade attachments puree until smooth. You will need to stop several times and scrape down the sides. When done it should have the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Add your cocoa powder and honey. If your cocoa powder is super strong you might want to try 4 TBSP to start and then add more as needed. On the flip side if you cocoa powder is old and has lost a bit of flavor you might need more.

Puree everything until well blended.

Place your “ice cream” in a container, cover and freeze. It’ll probably take about 2-4 hours to freeze properly, but that depends on your freezer.

Once it’s frozen you can take it out, scoop and enjoy! I am sure this will last a couple weeks in your freezer, but I always eat it all within a couple days.