Pulled Turkey & Black Bean Burritos

I realized this past week that I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like Mexican food. The delicious mix of beans, meat, cheese and spices makes it really hard to resist so it’s understandable that everyone I know loves it! I’ll often see my coworkers chowing down on $10 burritos at lunchtime, which seems a bit pricey for something that is easy to make at home, but that’s my opinion and I am a frugal gal. I can however totally understand a burrito craving, and when you really, really want a burrito $10 starts to seem more reasonable. I try to stay one step ahead of my food cravings, so Mexican is on my normal cooking rotation. 

I also came to the conclusion this week that there are a lot of people who don’t use their slow cookers as much as they should. I am a big fan of working smarter not harder (a.k.a. being lazy); and as a result my slow cooker is on every Sunday filled with something fun and interesting for lunches for the week (so that I don't crave $10 burritos). I put it on in the morning after yoga, and by dinnertime I have a meal ready to go! Sundays tend to be both busy and productive, so anything that gives me some downtime is really appreciated. While my Crock-pot is doing the work I am running errands, doing chores, playing in the park with Kona, or reading my next book club book. They really are amazing inventions!

This particular recipe is a favorite of mine because prep time is next to none. It also contains ingredients that I tend to have lying around anyway. I just stick everything in the slow cooker and go about my day. Rolling the burritos takes next to no time, which makes this a no-brainer for a Sunday dinner. This recipe calls for turkey, but you could use chicken if you wanted to. I tend to use turkey because I feel it’s under appreciated for a lot of the year. The good part about this is that you will often find it marked down where chicken might not be. The black beans play an important part in this dish. They add a nice texture and a variety in color. They also hold up well in the slow cooking process where other legumes might not.

Gooey Cheese, slow cooked meat and dense black beans. What's not to love?

Gooey Cheese, slow cooked meat and dense black beans. What's not to love?

I tend to like my food a bit on the spicier side so I use hot salsa in the recipe. If you like your dishes milder please don't suffer on my account, use a salsa with less heat. If you like you food very spicy use extra hot salsa, or add chili flakes during cooking. If your family is divided on the topic of heat then go for a mild or medium salsa but put a killer bottle of hot sauce on the table. I think the last time I counted we had 7 different kinds in our house. Where that might be excessive, having at least one bottle could save some mealtime battles.

This recipe freezes pretty well, so it’s a great make ahead meal. Go through all the steps just don’t bake it, pop the dish in the freezer instead. You can bake this from frozen if you need to, it will just take a while. If you are making this a head of time for guests, it is best if you make the filling the day before and then roll and bake the day of.


Pulled Turkey & Black Bean Burritos

Makes 6 burritos

$12.92 or $2.15 per serving


1.5 Lbs. Turkey Drumsticks, thawed

19 Ounce Can of Black Beams, rinsed and drained

1 Large Onion

1 Yellow Pepper

1/2 Cup Frozen Corn, thawed

2 Cups Hot Salsa

1 Cup Plain Tomato Sauce

1 Tsp. Cumin

6 Whole Wheat Tortillas

2 Cups Grated Gouda Cheese


Place onions on the bottom of your slow cooker

Add turkey

Top with corn and beans

Cover with 1 cup of salsa

Cook on low for 7 hours

Add peppers during the last 30 minutes of cooking

When your filling is cooked, remove the turkey from the pot

Remove skin and bones and shred with tongs

Mix the shredded turkey with the bean mixture



Mix remaining salsa with tomato sauce and cumin and set aside

Add a couple tablespoons of sauce to the bottom of a lasagna pan and spread it around. This will help prevent your burritos from sticking.

Add 1/6 of the filling to each tortilla and top with ¼ cup of cheese

Roll tortillas and place in the prepared pan seam side down

Pour the sauce over burritos and top with the remaining cheese

Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until everything is bubbly and your house smells great!