Avocado & Egg Sandwich

Writing a food blog is interesting because there is a balance between what I love to cook and eat and what you will actually make in your kitchens. I got some feedback last week that a few of my recipes were a little adventurous for a couple of my readers. For the most part I don't think of my palate being overly wild, but when I look around the lunchroom at my day job I can see that in all honesty it is a little out there. Between culinary school, living in large cities and traveling I have been exposed to an wide array of cuisines from all over the world. Sometimes I forget that paneer and red curry aren't on everyone's daily menu, which is totally cool; everyone has different preferences, likes and dislikes. I guess I get carried away sometimes. I love hearing all of your feedback because it helps me to decide what to post here (and it keeps me from getting too crazy). Please let me know what you'd like to see in upcoming posts. 

This week I though I'd offer something that I eat all the time. Literally I have this sandwich at least once a week! If I want a fast breakfast after my early morning yoga practice on weekends this is my go to. However, in all honesty I also have been known to chow down on this for dinner or lunch as well. It is so simple to make I never thought to post a recipe for it before, but it is fast, comforting and delicious. 

They key to this recipe is to have a perfectly ripe avocado. This is really the only challenging thing about this sandwich. If you are only making one sandwich you can store the second half of your avocado over night without it changing color. If you want to prevent it from turning brown, use the half without the pit right away. Leave the pit in and skin on the side that you aren't eating. Then squirt the exposed flesh with lemon juice and tightly wrap the avocado in plastic wrap. Pop it in a container for good measure and stick it in the fridge. You should have at least 24 hours before it starts to turn brown and mushy. 

I like to make this sandwich with a hearty multigrain bread, but use whatever you prefer. In terms of cheese, I keep it simple with old cheddar, but Havarti is also delicious. This recipe is very basic so add spreads or other ingredients as you see fit! Bacon would be a great addition for meat eaters. Personally I have been known to add a handful of raw baby spinach to mine to add some crunch (and more vitamins). Have a look in your fridge and get inspired!

Avocado & Egg Sandwich

0.5 Ripe Avocado

1 Ounce Old Cheddar Cheese, Sliced

1 Egg

2 TSP Butter


2 Pieces of Bread


Melt half the butter in a pan

Crack your egg in the pan and break the yoke

Cook until done, flipping half way

Top the egg with the cheese 

Turn off the stove and cover the pan while the cheese melts

In the meantime toast your bread and spread it with the remaining butter

Slice the avocado and mash it on your toast

Sprinkle the avocado liberally with salt

Add your cheesy egg to the toast and top with your second piece of bread