All that jam!

How was your thanksgiving? Did you get your fill of turkey and stuffing? My family and I enjoyed the delicious pealla that my mom makes every year. For dessert we forgo the traditional pumpkin pie and indulge in a steamed pumpkin pudding instead. It's dense and amazing, a decedent treat that I only get to enjoy once a year. 

Can you believe that thanksgiving is over already? The fall is just flying by! My weekends have been so busy that I almost missed making my preserves. Every year my mom and I make a ton of different preserves including roasted peppers, stewed tomatoes and jams. It is a lot of hard work, but we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor all year round (pun intended). Inevitably we have left overs from the previous year, including unopened jars in the pantry and a variety of odds and ends in the fridge. I actually enjoy the challenge of trying to use them all up in fun and interesting ways. 

Instead of creating one recipe for you I thought that I would do something different this week. Below is a list of links to neat recipes to help you use up the leftover preserves in your fridge (I know you have a least one half empty jar of jam in there somewhere). For me the autumn is like the beginning of a new year. I always enjoy cleaning up my home, and preparing it for the upcoming cooler months. Cleaning out my fridge and pantry are a big part of that. I hope these recipes inspire you to have fun with what otherwise could be a tedious task. 

These peanut butter and jam squares were a hit at my last book club. 

These peanut butter and jam squares were a hit at my last book club. 

A unique way to use your leftover marmalade:

This option is a more classic choice:

An easy galette recipe that requires little time or effort:

These are always a hit, I tend to use strawberry jam in mine:

Another twist on the classic PB&J:

Any jam would work with these:

Jam filled muffins are always on the menu this time of year for me:

I love the name of this classic English dessert:

These were a favorite when I was a kid:

For those occasions where you need a dessert but just don't want to turn on the oven. This was a favorite of my grandmother: